August Purslane


Another beauty, Purslane is our guest today, where you can find in many names – finally- all around the world, hoorah!

It is part of the Portulaca family a succulent herb with leaves and in apparently 40 different varieties.

Portulaca or purslane is pourpier in French, porcellana in Italian, semizotu in Turkish, glisistrada in Greek and it goes on like this. (And according to this nice blog, it is 6th most commonweed on the planet)

I know few recipes and I will add them in time. First version is very simple dish and of course you can have it with yoghurt as well!

What do I need to buy?

1 onion
1 bunch of purslane
2 – 3 big tomatoes
2  garlic cloves
half of a lemons juice
half a tea cup of rice or bulgur wheat (I prefer rice)
optional: spicy pepper paste or harissa to give a hotter taste

How do I cook purslane?

1.Wash the purslane leaves and leave them in a bowl full of water and a few drops of apple cider vinegar (kills the germs!)

2. Chop the onions and the garlic then cook them in a little bit of water.
3. Add the purslane then let it relax for 4- 5 minutes.
4. add the tomatoes and rice, and then 2 glasses of warm water.
5. Add one or two spoonful of olive oil, bring it to boil then simmer it down.
6. If the leaves are soft enough but not too much then it is ready! Have with a spoonful of yoghurt!



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