Cretan pepper soup

pepper soup

Cretan cuisine is undeniably vegetarian friendly, full of herbs and plants growing all over and cooked nicely and easily with olive oil. Although most of the plants growing are native to the island, you can find them both in Greece and Turkey.

This is a pointed green or red pepper soup recipe by one of my friends, Ahsen`s mother who has grew up on the island.Thanks to her, I have an easy soup to cook!

What do we need?

3 – 4 green or red pointed pepper (you can try bell peppers if you can not find any, why not?)
3 – 4 tomatoes
spicy red pepper paste
1 onion
3 spoons of plain flour
4 spoons of yoghurt
4 – 5 glasses of water
olive oil

(optional: dry mint, and feta cheese, my idea)

How to cook pepper soup?

1. Chop the onions and peppers finely, then sautee till they turn brownish. (I admit I have burned them whilst surfing the net but tasted nice in the end.)
2. Add the tomatoes, cook until the water is soaked then add the flour, stir well, don`t let them stick to each other.
3. Add the water, continue stirring and melting the flour in the soup/
4. Put four spoonful of yoghurt into a bowl, now here is the trick, add one spoonful of soup into this bowl, stir quickly then add another, stir quickly, well I prefer to call this first acquintance as the yoghurt and hot soup meet outside, get used to each then become one as you poured this mixture into your soup whilst stirring. Now, if they haven`t get used to each other enough, your soup might end up as a disaster, yoghurt might just go off, so try to do it carefully!

5. Then simmer it down and your pepper soup is ready to serve with some toasted bread.

optional: I suggest to add some dry mint and may be a bit of feta cheese to give a different taste!



3 thoughts on “Cretan pepper soup

  1. thesmallestkitchen

    Thank you ken, your recipe looks good, I am sure celery gives a beautiful texture to your soup, I like it in red lentil soup as well, try the one I put in this blog but add few chopped celery sticks as well.
    By the way, Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and the fifth largest island in the Mediterrenean. Cretan cuisine is accepted as one of the healthiest in the world as they use many herbs, weeds and green plants growing on the island.

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