Fresh okra marinated in tomato sauce


This is very easy as any other dish marinated with olive oil and lasts long in the fridge. Once you cook it, can keep it for few days and serve it cold. Okra is not my favorite dish but once in a while, I like having it.

Serves 4


500 gr fresh okra
3 – 4 tomatoes
1 big onion
1 pointed red pepper
2 chopped garlic cloves
1 lemon juice
olive oil
1 desert spoon or less of sugar
red pepper paste

How to cook okra?

When cooking fresh okra, the most important thing is how you prepare and cut the stems. If you cut deep too deep, you will end up having this okra water which looks snotty and horrible, so be careful : ) Alternatively, use canned okra and avoid cleaning the stems. But still, never stir too much and actually avoid stirring whilst cooking, because that is another reason for that snotty thing.

But, if you are succesful, you will really like okra!

1. Chop the onions and pepper, sautee with water till brownish.(I sautee with water and add olive oil later in general, it is not so good to burn olive oil especially if it is extra virgin.
2. Add the tomatoes then the okras. After few minutes, add warm water just over okras.
3. Time to put the juice of one lemon. You can spare few of it to add whilst serving.
4. As I said, do not stir, you can shake the pan but not stir!
5. Bring it up to boil, then simmer.
You can serve warm or cold, possibly with some wild rice enjoy!


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