Green lentils, pasta and mint

This dish has a sort of a wintery feeling like it’s rainy outside, you sit by the stove and enjoy your food by the woodfire. Anyway, it is ok to have it whenever you like. It makes a good substitute for meat.

500 grams of green lentils
1 medium size onion
A glass full of pasta, like macaroni or conchieggli or another small type
2 medium size tomatoes or just tomato paste
A teaspoonful of turmeric
Chilli pepper flakes or chilli sauce
Dry or fresh mint

1. Chop the onions, then sautee them with spicy tomato paste. If you have some, add chopped tomatoes, stir well and let them cook for a while.
2. Boil some water, add the green lentils and water just to cover them. Stir well.
3. If it is lacking liquid, add a little bit of water, then bring up to boil, add the pasta, then simmer.
4. Add the spice and herbs, stir well.
5. It is usually nice on it’s own, but you can have nice salad or yoghurt with it as well.


2 thoughts on “Green lentils, pasta and mint


    is this from british cuisine? i don’t know anyone to mix the lentils with pasta in turkish cuisine..shame on you… tsk tsk….

  2. thesmallestkitchen

    Dear Cigdem,

    I do not claim that this is a blog for turkish cuisine but mainly mediterrenean bits and pieces. I also create my own dishes time to time and if they are tasty for me, I put them onto my blog. Please check this lentil, pasta dish and let me know! It is delicious! (I also learned that in northern Turkey, they cook a similar dish to this one, hope this helps)

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