Marrow with feta and mint


It has been a while I have tried this but because of work, had no time to update my blog, so apologies. I am hoping to write more stories coming weeks.

Now, we can say marrow is a type of squash or a courgette so I prefer to cook it as I do to other squashes.

1 big marrow
100 grams of feta or alternatively a hard cheese
fresh or dry mint

50 gr of puy lentils
2 – 3 garlic cloves
red pepper sauce or red chilli flakes
olive oil

1. Cut the marrow in half and clean the seeds. (If the marrow is too hard, then boil it for 10 – 15 minutes before cutting into half.)
2. Boil the puy lentils quickly whilst grillling the halved marrow for 10 minutes
3. Mix the crushed garlic, feta, puy lentils, blackpepper and red chilli flakes with enough olive oil, stir well.
4. Take the marrow out of the grill, check if it is soft enough, if not keep in the grill a bit more, try not to burn the top part.
5. Then take the marrow out again, take the flesh out and mash it with the mix you prepared.
6. Put it back inside the marrow skins, add some mint then grill for about 10 minutes.



4 thoughts on “Marrow with feta and mint

  1. diana

    hello! i just made this for lunch and it was absolutely delicious. i didn’t have marrow so i used another winter squash. devine! could you post this on i took a picture and i think it’d be a great addition to the site! thanks!

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