New Year’s Eve Dinner

London Fireworks 2008 by Flickr user IanL

Happy New Year! Happy and healthy new year for all of you!

I had a wonderful time on New Year`s Eve, having some friends coming over gave me the reason to cook some food. These are certain dishes that go very well together.
Here is the dinner menu:

Spinach and Feta borek
stuffed peppers
beans marinated with olive oil
ember roasted aubergine pate
carrot salad with yoghurt and garlic
grilled red peppers
mixed green salad
And it was great to see Jayesh brought great Indian chickpea curry as a top up! I am hoping to put the recipe as soon as I get from him. I am gonna add the recipes for the ones with no links as well.
Bear in mind, when I say we had these for dinner, I mean a longer period than a standard British dinner. It is a bit more Mediterranean style – like all night, bits and pieces- with an Indian touch served with Corsican and Argentinian wine : )


Photo by Flickr user IanL


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