Pasta with courgettes, dill and parmesan


This is something you can prepare very quickly, some sort of “eat and go but enjoy it” dish!

I think I used tricolore wholemeal pasta with this one, but any pasta would be ok I suppose. Pasta is the ultimate comfort food, I guess nobody would say no to that!

Now here are the ingredients:

Serves 2

200 – 250 gr pasta
50 gr parmesan
1 – 2 courgettes (chopped two cm thick)
1 -2 garlic cloves (crushed)
fresh dill
olive oil
plain yoghurt (side dish)

1. Heat the pan, add some olive oil then the garlic and the courgettes, keep the pan on the smallest hob, turn the courgettes occasionaly in order to avoid burning.
2. Whilst cooking the courgettes, boil some water, add the pasta, cook for about 7 – 8 minutes. (Add some salt to the water)
3. Chop the dill and grate the parmesan into different bowls.
4. Once the courgettes are a bit brownish, they are ready. (possibly8- 10 minutes.)
5. Put the pasta in bowls then the courgettes and parmesan and the dill at the top to serve. I like to eat it with some yoghurt as well.

Note: Alternatively you can roast the courgettes in an oven heated 180 degrees. Now, that’s the healthier option!



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