broad beans, artichoke hearts and peas


Normally I cook this incredibly healthy dish without peas, but when a friend suggested it, I tried and actually they all go well together.
It is yet another Mediterranean dish mostly cooked around the Aegean Sea.


250 gr artichoke hearts
200 gr broad beans
100 gr peas
a bunch of dill (be generous)
1 big size onion (I prefer to use spring onions, 4 – 5 of them, it is up to you)
1 – 2 spoonful of flour
olive oil
1 big lemon
1 desert spoonful of sugar


1. Put all the vegetables in a bowl, pour 5 – 6 glasses of water, squeeze the lemon add the half of the juice into the bowl, then add some flour and mix. Let them rest for 5 – 10 minutes. The vegetables won’t get darker by doing this.
2. Chop the onions, cook them in a very little amount of water, then add the vegetables and water in the bowl, (you can add the used lemon skins as well) then add 2 – 3 spoonful of olive oil.
3. Chop the dill then add it into the pan.
4. Cover the lid then bring it up to the boil  then simmer it down, add some sugar and salt.
5. If you use canned food, it should not take more than 15 minutes to cook, if frozen possibly half an hour. If totally from fresh, 40- 45 minutes maximum. Serve with yoghurt!



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