Stuffed vine leaves – with yoghurt sauce and warm!

Stuffed vine leaves - with yoghurt sauce and warm!

Here’s a new recipe for stuffed vine leaves! They are one of my favorites and yes, it requires patience but the result is priceless!

Serves 4 people

30 vine leaves parboiled and cooled
1 glass of white or brown rice, half glass of bulgur wheat
a bunch of dill, chopped finely
salt and pepper
grated onion
spicy red pepper paste
pine nuts – optional for the warm version
olive oil

for the sauce:
olive oil, yoghurt, garlic and mint

Ok, this is not your usual stuffed vine leaves, it is more wintery and warming! Because it is served warm and with a nice yoghurt sauce.

How to make it?

1.Mix the grated onion, finely chopped dill, rice and bulgur. Add some salt and pepper.
2. Fill each of the vine leaves, by placing a spoonful of the stuffing first then closing from the bottom ends slowly. Place some of the torn leaves at the bottom of your pan. Then put each wrapped leaf tightly, next to each other.
3. Put a big spoonful of spicy rep pepper paste, in the a bowl of lukewarm water (suppose 4 glassses of water, enough to go on top of the piled, stuffed leaves in the pan) Also cover the food with a porcelain plate then put the lid on.
4. Start with high heat, once the water is boiled, simmer it down for until the leaves get softer. It takes about 20 – 25 minutes usually.
5. Crush one or two garlic to your taste and mix it well with a bowl full of yoghurt. Add some salt, mint and olive oil.
6. Once the food has cooled enough to eat, serve immediately with the sauce.
Enjoy : )

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