Stuffed Redpepper (with bulgur wheat)

Now, I think this recipe is apparently an healthier option then the normal stuffed pepper as bulgur (bulgar wheat) is used to fill it. Without getting frantic about whether healthy it is or not, I tend to use bulgar in a lot of dish anyway, I find it very tasty.Once you get used to doing it, you can try using the same stuffing for different vegetables like this one stuffed aubergine.aubergine

Here we go:

4 – 5 spoonful of olive oil
5 – 6 preferably small or medium size redpeppers (you can use pointed redpeppers as well, they look quite sweet on the plate)
1 water glass of bulgar wheat
2 tomatoes (or equivalent of canned and chopped tomatoes)
2 onions
2 – 3 spring onions
a bit of salt, blackpepper, mint and allspice
2 spoonful of currant and pinenuts

1. Wash the peppers, cut the heads (do not throw them away you will use them!) and clean the seeds.
2. Heat some water, pour a bit over the bulgar to soak.
3. Chop the onions and spring onions then stir and fry them in a little bit of water. (I try not to fry olive oil as it gets very unhealthy when it is burnt)
4. Then add the bulgar wheat into the pan, stir well, then add the chopped tomatoes, currants and pinenuts. (some people like to fry the pinenuts slightly in another pan, tastes nice)
5. Season well with allspice, mint, blackpepper and a little bit of salt (I sometimes don`t use and actually try to compensate it with spices usually in many recipes), fry a bit more , then leave it cool down.
6. Once it is a bit cool, stuff your peppers with this mixture, put their heads on, and place in a deep or wide pan.
7. Pour some boiled water over them, close the lid and cook for 20 minutes, then check occasionally until the peppers get soft.
Serve warm or cold. and with yoghurt!


Time to prepare: 15 – 20 mins
Time to cook     : 20 – 30 mins (depends on how hard the redppers are)


Cretan pepper soup

pepper soup

Cretan cuisine is undeniably vegetarian friendly, full of herbs and plants growing all over and cooked nicely and easily with olive oil. Although most of the plants growing are native to the island, you can find them both in Greece and Turkey.

This is a pointed green or red pepper soup recipe by one of my friends, Ahsen`s mother who has grew up on the island.Thanks to her, I have an easy soup to cook!

What do we need?

3 – 4 green or red pointed pepper (you can try bell peppers if you can not find any, why not?)
3 – 4 tomatoes
spicy red pepper paste
1 onion
3 spoons of plain flour
4 spoons of yoghurt
4 – 5 glasses of water
olive oil

(optional: dry mint, and feta cheese, my idea)

How to cook pepper soup?

1. Chop the onions and peppers finely, then sautee till they turn brownish. (I admit I have burned them whilst surfing the net but tasted nice in the end.)
2. Add the tomatoes, cook until the water is soaked then add the flour, stir well, don`t let them stick to each other.
3. Add the water, continue stirring and melting the flour in the soup/
4. Put four spoonful of yoghurt into a bowl, now here is the trick, add one spoonful of soup into this bowl, stir quickly then add another, stir quickly, well I prefer to call this first acquintance as the yoghurt and hot soup meet outside, get used to each then become one as you poured this mixture into your soup whilst stirring. Now, if they haven`t get used to each other enough, your soup might end up as a disaster, yoghurt might just go off, so try to do it carefully!

5. Then simmer it down and your pepper soup is ready to serve with some toasted bread.

optional: I suggest to add some dry mint and may be a bit of feta cheese to give a different taste!


Roasted spicy chips or crisps – you name it!


Well, not as spicy as I wanted it to be, but success story I think as they were delicious. Important thing is be generous when you are mixing your spices. As some of you might know, when cooking, if any food is too spicy, one can put a piece of peeled potato, it sucks all the spice!

Serves 4 people

8 – 10 salad potatoes (will be cut in circles) or 4 – 5 normal size potatoes (cut like apple slices)
Olive oil
grapeseed oil
garlic granules
onion granules
red pepper flakes or paprika or any spicier red pepper sauce
black pepper
a little bit of salt (you do not have to put it as all the other spices give a beautiful taste)
fresh thyme

1. Put all these spices in a bowl and mix olive oil and grapeseed oil in it, stir well.
2. Add the potatoes, make sure they have spicy sauce all around them.
3. Heat the oven to 180 – 200 C.
3. Place them on a tray, and let them cook about half an hour depending on how crispy you like it!

Do not forget! There is always an healthier option , do not use any oil or spice at all just roast them they taste like classic chips but not oily!